COVID-19 Janitorial Services

Protecting Your Staff and Facility During Covid-19

Here Is How Classic Cleaning Can Help You!

  • Trained Sanitation Services
    All Classic Cleaning staff have undergone extra training to ensure that all our staff are properly equipped with how to handle the cleaning of your facility in the event of an outbreak. All staff will utilize personal protective gear while in your facility to keep both themselves and your personnel safe during the cleaning process.
  • Disinfectants and Cleaning Products
    When routine cleaning or disinfecting for COVID-19, we will be using a hospital grade and CDC approved multi-surface disinfectant. All cloths and mop heads are never cross contaminated, they are removed after each cleaning and placed in a bag with your facility name, cleaned and returned to your facility for your next service dates.
  • Routine Cleaning with COVID-19
    Due to the nature of the coronavirus, it is impossible to make guarantees about stopping transmission but, through field – tested cleaning techniques, we can dramatically slow transmission, to the point of making the surfaces in your workplace virtually contaminant free.
  • Strategic Increased Frequency Cleaning
    Working closely with the CDC research, we will develop a cleaning strategy that is tailored to the needs of your property. Although, transmission can occur from any surface, things like doorknobs, light switches, elevators, and telephones require extra attention. Taking our direction from CDC and medical recommendations, we put an emphasis on sanitizing high-traffic areas.
    We will work closely with your team to map out a plan that will keep your office, restaurant, gym, shop, etc. safe for both staff and your clientele.


During this time Classic Cleaning will be offering the following additional services:

  • Sanitization Only Service – For facilities that are not fully serviced every operating day, we offer a budget friendly option to keeping your facility safe. This service provides you with a sanitization cleaning on non-service days of all high-touch areas such as doorknobs, light switches, telephones, toilets, faucets, keyboards, etc.
  • Additional Full-Service Days – You may add on additional service days without changing any contract or agreeing to any long-term commitment. We ask for a 5-day notice if possible and all additional service days will be invoiced separately.

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